Freestanding Barnes & Noble

10235 North Metro Parkway East, Phoenix, AZ 85051

This Freestanding Barnes & Noble is located in Maricopa County at 10235 North Metro Parkway East and 28th Drive, Phoenix, Arizona 85051




19,360 SF


Two-way average daily traffic 28,000 cars per day

Major Tenants

Barnes & Noble  19,360 SF


Fully Leased!

  • Front Door location to regional retail market, off of I-17 and West Peoria Ave.
  • Valley Metro Light Rail (METRO) Northwest Phase II Extension will include a stop located on the west side of I-17, steps from the subject property and Metrocenter Mall (targeted completion 2023). In December 2018, METRO had an average weekday ridership of 43,259
  • Metrocenter Mall has been approved for a mixed use redevelopment,allowing: retail, residential, office and medical uses
Agent Information

Darren Sasso
212.265.6600  x354

Freestanding Barnes & Noble

Phoenix, AZ

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Demographics 1-Mile 3-Mile 5-Mile
2023 Projection
Population 15,431 182,811 486,641
Households 6,858 67,231 181,891
Avg. HH Income $52,015 $69,445 $76,793
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