Freestanding Home Depot

3870 N. High School Road, Indianapolis, IN 46254

Freestanding Home Depot is located in Marion County at 3870 N. High School Road, at the intersection of West 38th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46254.




±130,000 SF


Two way average daily traffic:
I-465: ±111,000 cars per day
West 38th Street: ±37,000 cars per day

Major Tenants

Home Depot  ±130,000 SF


Fully Leased!

  • Located in the Indianapolis suburb of Speedway, home to Indianapolis Motor Speedway & the Indy 500
  • Property is within 10 miles of Lucas Oil Stadium, home to the Indianapolis Colts
  • Area retailers include: Target, Marsh Supermarket, LA Fitness, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Walgreens, Great Clips, Cracker Barrel, TGI Friday's, Chili's
Agent Information

Darren Sasso
212.265.6600  x354

Freestanding Home Depot

Indianapolis, IN

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Demographics 3-Mile 5-Mile 10-Mile
2023 Projection
Population 96,754 209,304 648,486
Households 41,480 86,336 268,994
Avg. HH Income $66,789 $70,612 $85,353
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